ROOTS Steel customizable by Philippe Narbel

Roots Steel Customizable by PHILIPPE NARBEL
Mechanical watch - Ref. DEV-H-20220217-ro-ac-pe-nar


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ROOTS, the personalized watch that looks like you

Philippe Narbel offers you a customization of the ROOTS Steel, in order to make it one with your watch. You can choose to modify the cover and the bracelet. You will be put in direct contact with PHILIPPE NARBEL to express your ambitions and expectations.

A subtle blend of sobriety and creativity

With this watch, Philippe Narbel offers you a pretext to experience unique moments and to talk about the essential: our own uniqueness combined with our common experiences.

This disconcertingly sober piece, which he designed in its entirety, combines creativity, singularity and nervousness. Through this project, while our eye follows lines, curves and angles carried by the language of metal, an invitation to a form of introspection is offered to us. With his first creation, Philippe takes us along a thread, to the border between two worlds that confront, combine and marry. The singularity of this watch is materialized by the creation of a high-end brand, located halfway between a very sharp watchmaking know-how and a contemporary artistic approach.

A real painting!

While the watch is resolutely watchmaking with its revisited and entirely decorated movement, at first glance the dial opens the dance on an artistic object of an astonishing plasticity. A real painting! Totally stripped of any logo, it contrasts volumes and colors to allow you to better appreciate its metallic surface. With its hour and minute hands, the indexes of this central part have an architecture reminiscent of veins or roots. You can see the imprint of the original matrix of life, where everything began. The movement, with its controlled curves, is a reference to a certain historical watchmaking where each mobile had its own bridge, where the re-entrant angles gave rhythm and nervousness to the whole. What a contrast between the different states of surface, where sandblasting rubs shoulders with beading, strapping and polished angles.


Please note that the standard delivery time is 3 months. The watch is assembled from the date of your order.




PHILIPPE NARBEL guarantees your watch for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects in the watch.
During the warranty period and upon presentation of your proof of purchase, you have the right to repair a defect free of charge.

The following are expressly excluded from the international warranty

  • Normal wear and tear and aging of the watch (e.g. scratches, fading of the color and/or material of the leather straps).
  • Inappropriate or abusive use of the watch (e.g. shocks, crushing, incorrect repositioning of the crown,...), exposure to strong magnetic fields and high temperatures.
  • Loss of water-resistance beyond 24 months from the date of purchase.
  • Watches whose identification numbers have been deliberately erased.
  • Watches that have been stolen or lost.

If you have any questions about the warranty of your PHILIPPE NARBEL watch, please contact our customer service department at or +41 (0)78 300 47 37 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm).


Delivery price : FREE SHIPPING ! Delivery by international mail included in the price.

Delivery Guarantee : Delivery includes insurance that covers the purchase price of the watch.

Delivery tracking code : A tracking code will be provided to the customer.

Delivery time : 3 months

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