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Yvan Monnet

Yvan Monnet, Maître Horloger Suisse

YvM² - YvanMonneT


Independent Master Watchmaker


Thanks to his experience and his relationship with watchmaking and the world, Yvan Monnet offers a different approach to fine watchmaking. Respectful of people, starting from its suppliers to its final customers, it develops collections in line with its talent and its creative and ethical convictions.


Benefiting from a professional career spanning twenty years in the most prestigious Geneva watchmaking manufacturers, he then decided to use this centuries-old know-how for a project that resembled him; a brand borrowed from quality and creativity.
His career at Patek-Philippe allowed him to familiarize himself with the intricacies of watchmaking and the art of the brand's endings. His support functions in the antique parts department and in the "Crafts" department gave him the opportunity to acquire solid knowledge in the design of the watch case. He then developed his skills at Vacheron-Constantin by designing cases and dials with decorative applications in collaboration with renowned craftsmen. He has also acquired rare experience in the construction of pocket watches and minute repeaters.
Yvan succeeds in creating new forms that are refined, innovative and totally unexpected. Like promises of the future in a context of globalized uniformity, his pentagonal creations today embody, through the FIVE and MINA collections, a desirability made up of originality. An elegance whose five sides are nevertheless designed to please free, non-conformist beings. A slightly rebellious workmanship, entrusted to passionate artisan artists for whom the added value does not come only from the designer or the engine manufacturer, but from the entire chain. He favors collaborations with local companies in order to benefit from exceptional skills and to be able to produce watches of remarkable quality.

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Dos de la montre Mina - Yvan Monnet
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